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MLCA "Propane Group Purchase Plan"

This is the new deal starting in September 2023.  Our previous deal has expired.

Our Fixed Rate Purchasing Plan is best suited for members who use propane to heat their dwellings.  If you use less than the 500 litre minimum per year, you will be switched over to Superior's Variable Rate.  In the summer, the variable rate can be less than the fixed rate.  The fixed rate is designed to protect you from price fluctuations throughout the year.

Note:  Attempts by our members to contact Superior directly about pricing and their inclusion in our program can only lead to confusion.  Do not call Superior directly unless you have an equipment failure or a scheduled installation. Contact Steve Macdonell at if you have problems with pricing and to enrol in the program. Members who were in the program in 2022 - 2023 will continue to be in the program - no action required.  If you were paying 77.5 cents this past season, then you were most likely in our program.

As of September, 2023, we have over 125 members taking advantage of special MLCA negotiated pricing under its "Propane Group Purchase Plan" with leading supplier Superior Propane. Beginning September 1, 2023, current Plan Members will automatically qualify for the new fixed rate under the Plan of 68.0 cents per litre plus carbon tax and HST.  New participants will get the variable rate until the next cycle begins at the end of August.  New participants should request enrolment no later than the end of August.

Apart from a competitive fixed price for propane, other features of the agreement include:

  1. Switching from another supplier:  Existing tank disconnected and new tank installed at no charge to customer unless the new installation is different than the old one. The charges for any material changes will be quoted to you based upon the site visit.  At time of performing a site visit, if there are code and safety infractions identified, they will need to be addressed by you prior to a Superior Propane tank being installed - any work that Superior can complete will be quoted to you. (Superior will work with you to determine the best size tank for your needs. Propane tanks are often undersized).
  2. Free safety inspection of existing connections (any corrective action at owners expense).
  3. Annual rental fee of $50.00 for 500 USWG, $50 for 1000 USWG, and $125 for 2000 USWG tanks.  Old members may not be affected by this fee until Superior updates their account.
  4. Free remote tank level monitoring.
  5. Access to mySUPERIOR with online control of your account to request a delivery, view and pay bills, and view your SMART Tank propane levels online at any time.
  6. No additional fees for delivery, hazmat or remote tank sensors.
  7. If you are a new to propane, the standard installation rate is $299.00 which includes the first 25 feet of line and the associated regulator.
  8. Propane price does not include carbon tax nor HST.
  9. Individual contracts are between the customer and the supplier.

The price is based on commitments to "blocks" of propane for the coming year on the international market. If you have an interest in such a program, please contact Steve and include your address and contact information. Steve will forward this information to our contact at Superior and their sales team will contact you.  Avoid contacting them directly if you want to become a new member of our purchasing group.

MLCA President: Steve Macdonell at

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