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    Memories of Cottage Life    

Memories of cottage life from Jim Szarka, Tait's Island, Oct/08.
Story is circa 1993

Between Christmas and New Year it had been raining and it resulted in about 2 inches of water over all the ice on the lake. On the day before New Years the temperature dropped to about 20 below and the night was absolutely still. We got up and the whole lake was like a hockey rink freshly groomed by a Zamboni. Ann and I, the Bamfords and the Abouds (Fran and Al) put our skates on and we all went for a long skate around the east end of Tait's Island. We came back and started playing hockey. If you missed a pass, the puck would run on and on for a mile. After about 3 or 4 hours we decided to go in for some hot lunch and drinks. That night it started to snow and the smooth ice was gone. It was great while it lasted.Memories of cottage life

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