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MLCA Mission Statement

To maintain the recreational value of Manitouwabing Lake and its environs:

  • by protecting the ecological resources of the lake,
  • by monitoring water quality, 
  • by developing and protecting the fish resources and their breeding areas,
  • by promoting safe boating, including boating practices,
  • by organizing occasional social events,
  • by hosting an Annual General Meeting of all members,
  • by implementing programs proposed and approved by the Board of Directors and the Membership,
  • by supporting FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association) and participating in its events, 
  • by establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship with the Township of McKellar to facilitate the successful implementation of all of the above, as well as the Township Official Plan.

MLCA Privacy Policy

completing an MLCA Membership Form or renewing your Membership; such as your names, home and cottage addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and website password; are used exclusively by MLCA to manage your account and directly deliver information and services to you by phone, email or Canada Post.

The Association will not make personal or contact information about you or your family available to outside organizations or companies unless pre-approved by you or required to do so by law.  Only the names, addresses and contact information of MLCA Officers and Directors are in the public domain and listed on the MLCA website under Contacts on the About Us dropdown menu.

The MLCA Membership Directory available on the About Us dropdown menu on the MLCA website  contains the names of primary Members and general lake locations, but is only accessible to Members who must enter their user names and passwords to access the file.

Occasionally, the Association may accept payment to deliver a commercial message we believe will be of interest to Members, via email or regular mail, but the company or organization being promoted will not be provided with a list of recipients or personal contact information.

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