Water Levels
From time to time, the water level in Manitouwabing Lake becomes a matter of concern to users of the lake. Too low: rocks, plus access to shallow areas of the lake, are a concern. Too high: docks, boat houses and low lying land can be flooded. Parry Sound Power is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the level of the lake via the Hurdville dam.  A letter from the President of the power company, Calvin Epps, is attached, along with a copy of a resolution describing procedures that employees are to follow to control the level of Manitouwabing Lake.
Letter from Parry Sound Power President
(October 15, 2003)

Public Utilities Commission of the Town of Parry Sound
Resolution No. 87-83 (August 10, 1987)

The benchmark referred to can be found at the southeast corner of the dam. Our lake is part of a complex system of rivers and lakes feeding into Mill Lake and from there into Georgian Bay. All parts of the system have to be taken into account when changes are made at points such as the Hurdville dam. For example, if too much water is discharged too quickly, it can cause flooding downstream.  A map of this lake system is available for viewing at the Parry Sound Power office. Calvin invites residents of the lake to call him with their questions at any time.  His phone number is (705) 746-5866.
Whenever the level of the lake is a concern, call Calvin.  It would be especially helpful if calls were made BEFORE a crisis occurs.  Early warning from residents will supplement the regular monitoring performed by employees of the power company and help them to take action before a problem occurs.