Annual General Meeting: Saturday, July 13, 9 a.m.  Registration Desk opens at 8:30 a.m.  Agenda: 1. President's Report.  2. Treasurer's 2011-12 Financial Reports & 2012-13 Budget.  3. Election of Officers and Directors.  4. Update on lake water testing.  5. Action plan to address speeding boats issue.  6. Presentation by Ministry of Natural Resources.  7. Council Report / Q & A with Reeve Hopkins and participating Councillors [...]
May 24, 2013
Could an algae bloom hit a McKellar Township Lake? What do you think would happen to the value and enjoyment of your cottage property if an algae bloom hit the headlines on TV and newspapers.  It has happened on some lakes in Muskoka.  That is just one reason why your lake association tests for e.coli, phosphorous and water clarity every summer.  It is also why McKellar Council contributes $3,500 to our testing program.  Your family membership fee of $25 helps MLCA continue water testing plus other programs including a website, emails and newsletters [...]
June 08, 2012
Members concerns addressed at MLCA Board Meeting.  The MLCA Board of Directors met on Saturday, September 3rd.  New initiatives in the areas of water quality, lake safety and communications dominated the discussion.  Here is a summary of the most relevant issues discussed and decisions taken by the Board that will be of interest to Members. Water Quality:  It was announced that a new warning sign will be posted at public beaches beginning 2012 if e [...]
March 10, 2012
COMING EVENTS Annual General Meeting 9 a.m. Saturday, July 9, McKellar Community Hall. Membership Renewal Time to renew support for MLCA. See renewal options below. Celebrating Community Volunteer Recognition Day in McKellar, Saturday, June 25. Family Fishing Day at Minerva park in McKellar, Sunday, July 10. McKellar Fresh Food Market in Minerva Park every Saturday.   FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP NEWS In May, Wyeridge McKellar Developments the proponents of a fractional ownership development withdrew their appeal to the OMB objecting to McKellar Council's failure to approve their application for a Zoning By-law amendment and their appeal of Official Plan Amendment No [...]
March 10, 2012
NEWS FROM THE LAKE.  Rather than winding down quietly, summer ended with a bit of a bang at Manitouwabing Lake: your associations lake water testing program confirmed unacceptably high levels of E.Coli at one location and the WyeRidge resort issue took a dramatic turn. WyeRidge Decision Delayed At the McKellar Council meeting on September 15, an Interim Control Bylaw was passed preventing new waterfront land severances for one year. Why? Because the Official Plan does not deal with fractional ownership developments such as WyeRidge, and new information, some gathered by concerned lake residents, suggests the lake is at or near capacity [...]
September 22, 2008