At the February 6th 2017 Council Meeting Clerk Shawn Boggs announced the declaration deadline date for the 2018 municipal election.  He indicated that if Council wished to change the current voting method by-law (phone/internet) it has until May 1st 2017 to rescind it and pass a new voting method by-law for use in the October 22nd 2018 municipal election. Councillor Zulak launched the discussion by advocating a return to "traditional ballot box only" voting [...]
February 21, 2017
The 2016 Reeve's report includes excerpts from the 2015 Reeve's report, a review of what has been accomplished in council's one year action plan for 2014-15, an update of the Reeve's report to MLCA members in July 2016, and a look at suggested projects and plans for the next two years.   Introduction: Thank You.   The last two year's would not have been possible without the support and effort of our excellent staff [...]
January 02, 2017
An exhibition of artwork inspired by the landscapes around Georgian Bay.  You have heard of flash dances, flash music events, flash poetry readings, etc.  Well, here's a flash fine art exhibit featuring twelve local artists.  Stop by to see artists at work. Participating artists: Gordon Bowbrick, Don Corbet, Jack Elliot, Katherine Fetwell, Edith Fullerton, Mary Jane Gomes, Jane Jones, Debbie McGibbon, Myrhanda McKay, Pierre AJ Sabourin, Jessica Vergeer and Bert Weir [...]
December 09, 2016
At the October 17th Council meeting the president of MLCA expressed concern that residents had not been informed about the proposed construction of ground-based solar panel installations in the Township and requested Council convene a public meeting to enable the proponent company the opportunity to explain the benefits and impacts that solar panel sites would have in the community.  Council supported the request and a well-attended public meeting was held on November 3rd [...]
November 28, 2016
The Board of Directors of Manitouwabing Lake Community Association is pleased to introduce a new committee that has been formed to compliment the ongoing services provided by the association.  The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) will be comprised of MLCA members and its mandate is to keep both members and non-members abreast of matters relating to the Township of McKellar. On a monthly basis the committee will report via this website on aspects of McKellar community news, bringing issues of importance to the attention of the public; review and sometimes explain the workings and decisions of McKellar Council as they affect all ratepayers; and relay details of regional, provincial and federal initiatives that influence our Township [...]
November 12, 2016