Award winning musicians Allison Lupton, Ian Bell and Shane Cook, with tunes and songs that "take you away to another time and then dance you back again" will be performing at the Strawhouse Gallery, 3 Lakeside Drive off Centre Road, McKellar, at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 28th 2017.  Shane has become one of our most popular performers.  Come early for a front seat! Suggested donation $20 per adult. Kids free.   http [...]
April 03, 2017
Extremely low lake water levels in March caused a great deal of concern among many lakeside property owners.  Encouraged by MLCA, a special McKellar Council meeting has been organized with Lakeland Holdings COO Vince Kulchycki and Bracebridge Generation Operations Manager Bryan Ingram on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.  The Seguin River Simplified Water Management Plan and regulation of the water levels of Manitouwabing Lake will be discussed [...]
April 01, 2017
MLCA understands that the Township of McKellar is seeking a meeting with Bracebridge Generation management to discuss the recent extremely low water level on area lakes and review the reported damage to docks, pumps and waterlines.  MLCA believes there should be a full investigation into the cause(s) and a review of the water level guidelines currently being followed by Bracebridge Generation.  Assuming that the guidelines were followed, as claimed by the hydro generation company, it may well be that the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change will need to consider amending the guidelines to avoid a similar situation occurring in the future [...]
March 25, 2017
Bryan Ingram, Bracebridge Generation Operations Manager, has asked MLCA to alert waterfront property owners to a potential problem related primarily to frozen water lines that coincided with the spring drawdown target date of March 15th; which aligned with a cold spell.   "We currently have the lake drawn down 0.55m from a normal summer level.  We are 0.1m above the bottom of the water management plan normal operating zone.  The area, and Lake Manitouwabing in particular, experienced a heavy rainfall a few weeks ago where we recorded over 60 mm of rainfall in a 24 hour period at our Hurdville gauge [...]
March 18, 2017
Manitouwabing Lake Community Association conducted a survey to assist in engaging the community of McKellar and preparing a response to a councillor's motion to change the way votes will be cast in the 2018 municipal election. The survey was promoted to MLCA members and non-members by postings at the township office, post office, general store and on the MLCA website. The significant response rate was the highest of any survey conducted by MLCA; which clearly indicates the importance of the topic to the community as a whole [...]
March 13, 2017