Due to lack of significant rainfall and the hot dry weather all West Parry Area municipalities have raised the Fire Danger Rating (FDR) to HIGH.  Small campfires for cooking are allowed, however, NO large open air fires are permitted.  The fires must be attended at all times with adequate tools and water to control the fire.  Fires must be extinguish when not needed or retiring for the evening.  I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable long weekend [...]
July 31, 2015
Please be aware that a bear has been seen wandering around on Tait's Island this past weekend.  While it is common to see bears around the Township, apparently they rarely venture onto the island.   Do not leave garbage, food items, bird feeders, etc., unattended on your property.  Doing so puts your neighbours at risk of a potentially dangerous encounter with bears who are simply foraging for food.  Thank you.
July 27, 2015
The Rosseau Culture and Arts Project (RCAP) is presenting its funny and poignant hit summer show "Scenes From My Dock 2.0" at the Upper Brunswick Playhouse in downtown Parry Sound.  Now playing until August 14th.  This is an updated version of the original.  And what a great cast.  It stars Toronto-based jazz singer Christine Aziz, Mary Kreder, Brittany Cope and Oscar Moreno.  R'CAP has teamed up with the newly renovated Brunswick Grill and Sports Bar, 72 James Street, on the main floor (formerly Don Cherrys) [...]
July 27, 2015
At 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 2nd 2015, at the McKellar Library, speaker, author and trainer Alan Mallory, P.Eng., P.E., PMP, will give a special presentation on "The Family That Conquered Everest."   An incredible story combined with valuable lessons in leadership and personal development.  Get ready for an unforgettable visual and emotional journey to the highest point on earth.   alan@alanmallory [...]
July 18, 2015
Canada's premier summer music festival at the Charles W. Stockey Centre in Parry Sound on Georgian Bay , from Friday, July 17th to Sunday, August 9th 2015.   James Campbell, Artistic Director: "I have been thinking about what makes the Festival of the Sound such a unique experience that people return year after year.  For me it means cottage, family, friends, musicians and lots of wonderful music."  To view the program pick up a booklet in town, go to http://www [...]
July 15, 2015