I have fielded a few phone calls from Manitouwabing residents over the past weeks.  The calls were timely as we had completed our "drawdown in preparation for the spring freshet.  Callers were concerned over low levels.  Bracebridge Generation made operational decisions to drawdown Manitouwabing a little deeper (0.21m) in the range than last year as regional snow measurements indicated 50% more snow water content than usual and the thaw was progressing later into the season creating higher probability of warm temperature and rain events [...]
May 06, 2015
A rumor has been circulating that the level of Manitouwabing Lake is going to be dropped by five feet this summer. Here is the response MLCA has received from Lakeland Power:   Bracebridge Generation follows the Seguin River Water Management Plan for the operation of the Hurdville dam and associated levels of Manitouwabing Lake.  The levels will be managed status quo during the upgrades to our Cascade Street Generation Station in Parry Sound [...]
May 06, 2015
UPDATE - April 17, 2015.  Now you can play any day of the week or any time of day and use your prepaid passes for no additional charges.  This is the best deal of the season.  Only a few weeks left to purchase your passes.  After May 1st they will not be available until next year.  You owe it to yourself to play The Ridge at these prices!  Opening Day: Friday, May 8, 2015.   Phone 705-389-9577 extension 25 or 1-877-789-9578 [...]
April 17, 2015
The Township of McKellar Public Works Department is seeking a summer student to assist with the maintenance of the Townships public parks, beaches and recreational facilities.   Must have a valid drivers' license.   Interested applicants are invited to submit a resume by 1:00 p.m. April 30, 2015 to: Gordon Drinkwalter, Public Works Superintendent, Township of McKellar, P.O. Box 69, McKellar, Ontario P0G 1C0.   Phone 705-389-2891 [...]
April 13, 2015
Below is a notice from Rogers Corporation to notify you about a Public Meeting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 4th, to discuss the proposed installation of a 35m monopine on Township of McKellar property off West Point Drive (north end of Maplewood peninsula), Township of McKellar, to improve wireless services in the surrounding area. The Township of McKellar agreed in principle at the January 5th 2015 Council Meeting to lease township land to Rogers Communication Inc [...]
March 20, 2015