This past beautiful weekend spawned many to frequent our lake.  However, I am gravely concerned about the numerous paddle boarders and paddle boaters I have witnessed NOT wearing life jackets!  Also, too many lone drivers of seadoos towing one or two tubers behind and having no "spotter."   I encourage the stretched OPP marine units to focus on these dangerous practices and be less concerned about boats not having baling buckets or flashlights that don't work [...]
August 09, 2019
We were up at the cottage for the first time this weekend . . . over the winter we lost 4 barrels from our floating dock!  We are located at 7 Meharg.  Please call Chris Langford at 705-220-6181 if you have found one or more of them. Thank you.
May 27, 2019
Dear MLCA Members: This email is to update you on the progress of the sale of the course.  We are pleased to advise that the Peterson Family has accepted an offer to buy The Ridge from a long-term resident of the lake community and all parties are working towards the completion of the sale as quickly as possible. We look forward to opening the course in the spring and continuing to provide you with the service and quality you have come to expect [...]
March 07, 2018
In July 2017, the Federal government announced a number of proposed tax changes to private corporations and their owners.  If the proposals are enacted, some will apply going back to July 18, 2017, and may require a detailed examination of activities going back to when the shares were first issued to the owners to determine if the punitive rules will apply or not.  That may sound ridiculous and unfair, but that is what has been proposed [...]
October 25, 2017
Letter received from "Terry Rees, Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations" on September 19th 2014. Two reports released in the past week remind us that big changes are coming to Ontario's lakes and rivers. First: Audubon'sBirds and Climate Change Reportsuggests that within this century, "the call of the loon may disappear" from its traditional territory as a result of global warming. The bald eagle is on the list, and the Baltimore Oriole [...]
September 20, 2014