The Fire Danger Rating (FDR) in the Township of McKellar was raised to HIGH on July 4th 2019.  Recently the Fire and Open Burning By-law was amended.  The new By-law number is 2019-24.  The definition of a campfire now includes the word "recreation," allowing residents the opportunity to enjoy an evening fire during a High Rating.  However, the size of the campfire is now limited to two feet or 60cm diameter and no fires are permitted between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.  The same regulation applies to cooking fires.

The Fire Danger Rating is reviewed by local area fire chiefs on a weekly basis.  FDR Notices are posted throughout the Township of McKellar.  There are four ratings: Low, Moderate, High and Extreme (no open burning of any kind, including incinerators).  Please make sure you totally extinguish your fire before retiring for the night.  Unattended fires can grow and, in some cases, travel underground.

For further details please refer to the Fireworks By-law #2019-22, Fire & Open Burning By-law 2019-24 and important 911 Information on the Township of McKellar's website at  or contact the fire department by email at

July 11, 2019